Overseas Door Access Control System <> Overseas Network Video SurveillanceSystem

Back grand  information:

Several Access ControlSystem as well as
Video Surveillance
systems are
available in Japan but
global companies do not
prefer to use Japan ACS
system. Instead they
prefer to use Global
ACS system such as
Honeywell etc.

Unfortunately, those are
not easy to
install n Japan as
integration compnies do
not fully understand the
products nor functions

Door lock


There are several overseas ACS distributors
and integrators in Japan.

Hardware installation itself is easy if clear
instruction is available.  There is a problem that
overseas companies do not know clear
Japanese security regulations, standards,
approvals, etc.

Implementation of overseas security standards
is technically possible, but there is a possibility
of contradiction with Japanese law. Also, it may
cost more than usual.
In addition, connectionto the building security is
often needed. How you can manage?

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questions here.  We will provide free
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